We made it!  Mayans were wrong!  No wait, they weren’t.  They were just tired of making calendars!  Anyway, site is on a new theme, just checking them out.  Managed to loose 45 lbs in the past 6 months and keep […]

Update 5/16/2010

This thing has been sitting as a draft for a few days, might as well post it, on break at work. Still working on this site, just not as much.  Mainly use it to host digital images from my camera […]

Updates, updates, updates!!!

Yes, good news, since Oct 1st, 2009 when I first decided to start working on loosing weight til now, I’ve lost right at 18 lbs!  I’ve only been to the gym twice now (yes, bad me), but I’ve kept up […]


Just tinkering around with some new settings.  Trying to add in a diet plugin to help monitor my upcoming weight loss!  I know I should be keeping up over all with keeping healthy, but I tend to go back and […]

I hope….

Still not using this too much.  Just remembered to login today while I was doing some other cleanup on the site (email stuff).  So I thought I’d post someting so my homepage doesn’t look terrible.  WordPress is definately different than […]