Updates, updates, updates!!!

Yes, good news, since Oct 1st, 2009 when I first decided to start working on loosing weight til now, I’ve lost right at 18 lbs!  I’ve only been to the gym twice now (yes, bad me), but I’ve kept up with walks around the neighborhood & on Grant’s Trail.  That and eating MUCH healthier, which includes lately skipping breakfast at work.  They bring us fresh Panera bagels every morning!  Each bagel is at least 300 calories each!  Skipping this, or the bagel & sometimes a cookie, is saving me 300 calories a day!  That and not eating horrible for me foods is helping quite a bit.  I’m on par for what I did some 3 years ago, when I quit drinking soda, cut down on the fatty foods, & cut way down on the eating out.  Then, when I did that, I lost over 30lbs in under 3 months.  If I can hold on to this momentum that I have going for the past 2 months, I should be able to come close to that weight loss.  And this time, I’m not being taunted over my choice of eating healthy, or not drinking soda, or constantly having cans of soda or candy bars waved in my face.  *grr*  Yah, what a bitch.  But that’s not my problem anymore thankfully.  On to better things & better people!

I’ve been getting a bit of a push, well, not a push, but an inspiration from Jen.  Got Subway for her today, and first time in a very long time, I only got a 6 inch sub.  It all helps.  Got in a few Christmas presents in the mail today.  One for Jen that she really wanted.  Ran around earlier today getting the stuff for the really good present I thought of for her.  She’s gonna LOVE it!!  Can’t say what it is just yet, not sure if she reads this site or not.

Speaking of Jen, as this kinda works for a journal for me, as its public, but I don’t put everything in here, that goes elsewhere.  But found out a piece of information about her the other day via email.  No, I’m not going to post what it is, but its a good thing I think.  Good for both of us.  I think I will cover this more in depth tomorrow night via MySpace journal (diary).

Off to bed now, gotta be up in 5 hours for work.  All 12 hours of it!

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